Journey Begins…

Updated May 28, 2020 04:30 IST By Team Couplink

It has finally started off !!
We had been pondering upon this thought for the last couple of years. There were a series of marital tensions and divorces among many near and dear ones surrounding us. And the concern was that all of them are pretty good as an individual, as a friend or as a colleague.
Why is that while our parents celebrated silver or golden jubilee of their wedding, we are going apart in a few years or even in some cases a few months?

Why a 7-year courtship couldn’t last 2 years after marriage? Why this is happening to us?
Is it lack of tolerance, patience? Is it because of the change in family structure? Is it due to professional demands?

We started studying and analysing the cases and each case seemed very different.
We were flooded with thoughts and questions in our mind that made us nothing but puzzled.

But we needed broad and conclusive understanding and had to prove/ disprove our hypotheses.
So we conducted research among married and divorced/ separated people across different cities in India.

Finally, we concluded, we have to do something about this !!
How could we prevent this anxiety and stress, our friends were going through?
So we started studying all societal changes and their impact on our life. We spoke to more individuals to understand their concern and expectations on marriages.
We finally could jot down our hypotheses on what can lead to the differences between a couple after marriage.
It was a tough and time-consuming task to test all our hypotheses. Some of our hypothesis was bang on, while some were inconclusive (we couldn’t rule them out).
The interesting part is that the difference between a divorce and a successful marriage is thin. After all, why would two people get married at the first point if there are a lot of differences?
We finally formed a model which provides a compatibility score based on the importance of different aspects of upbringing, profession and attitude.

[ For those who are interested in knowing how we did it, we used multivariate analysis (Regression, Discriminant Analysis, Factor analysis). We had to convert a lot of nominal data to ordinal, and we used many secondary data for that]

Now we are ready with a platform to check compatibility before marriage. We would be really happy if it can alleviate mental stress that people go through before and after marriage.

We will share some interesting findings in subsequent posts.

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